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How To Vote

Be sure to include any eligible person who normally resides at your address but is temporarily away.

Register Of Electors:

Each local authority must put together and publish a list of voters in its area. This is called the Register of Electors.

To be eligible for inclusion in the Register of Electors, you must:
- Be at least 18 years old on the date the Register comes into force (15th February). You can add your name to the draft Register before you turn 18.


How do I check if I am registered:

You can check the Register at the local authority offices, Garda stations and public libraries, or online at


I am not registered … what can I do:

To add your details to the Register of Electors, you much complete the form RFA and return it to your local authority. You do not need to pay for postage.

If you live in Dublin, you can register online at if you have a verified MyGov account.

See the full document you will need to download and print so you can register to vote by clicking this link 

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