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"The objectives of the Party shall be to promote the six core principles, by means which shall include:

  • active participation in the political process, and

  • informing and involving the public via direct democracy."

Direct democracy is the pillar of our movement/party because policies in place in urban areas may not suit or be practical in other very rural areas… what this means is that a local level town hall meeting will be held once a month, or every 2 weeks, where people of that constituency can come together to voice any comments/questions/concerns to their locally elected TDs.


will then be presented to the Dáil on behalf of the people of those local constituencies.


It’s not always one shoe fits all.

The Six Core Principles of Ireland First


The Nation of Ireland
belongs to the Irish people

Nothing that has happened or can ever happen can alter the truth of it, Ireland belongs to the Irish"

- Padraig Pearse.


We, at Ireland First, believe that the island of Ireland, it's seas, it's skies above and all it's natural resources belong solely to the Irish people. We will strive to reinstate the Irish language, promote Irish culture and music and a strong sense of Irish identity via the education system, mainstream media and social media, and my making it law for any immigrants to abide to our customs and laws.


We believe in pursuing 32 county Ireland, by respectfully encouraging a referendum to reflect the will of the people residing both north and south of the border, through political engagement with the government of Northern Ireland.

  • Immigration – We believe in borders, which are necessary for the security and integrity of our nation. We believe in immigration that benefits the country and not funding a welfare system for the rest of the planet.

    We believe that the non Irish population should never have exceeded 10%, but due to government corruption, has been allowed to.

  • Homelessness – we believe that no Irish citizen should be homeless in Ireland, factoring in that some homeless may have substance abuse or mental health, we believe that safe accommodation should be provided by the state providing these people avail of the assistance needed to get their lives back on track.

  • Housing Crisis – the holes in this crisis have been caused by successive governments irresponsible immigration policy. Therefore immigration controls, mass deportations of illegal migrants, and a policy of building modular homes for our own people to get them on the property ladder should commence.

  • Citizenship – citizenship is a privilege and not an entitlement, therefore, citizenship should only be given to exceptional people who have benefited this country and who have not been fraudulent in their applications to enter Ireland. In such cases it will be refused or revoked depending on the individual case.

It is our goal to ensure that Ireland can operate as a sovereign and self-sustaining nation, free from the influence of unelected bureaucrats and organisations. We believe that Ireland should leave the EU, but this will not be decided in isolation to the will of the people. This will be put to a referendum in due course.


All supported by policies (to be significantly expanded on and detailed in the coming months) around:

  • Energy Crisis – bring back power stations, turf, … maybe nuclear plant? One would fuel Ireland … Directives on reducing carbon footprint … need independence. (Nation of Ireland vs. sub-state of the EU), neutrality.

  • Climate Crisis – destructive climate change policies, farmers (Anthony) ...EU laws coming down the track

  • Food Security – farmers back at the heart of our food supply

  • Neutrality - Going forward Ireland First would like to resume our position in the EU as a trading block as opposed to laws outside economic interests

  • Leave the EU – referendum down the line? NB. Ireland Net Neutral (UK was not and that's why they had such an expensive 'divorce')



We Are Pro-Life

We are pro-life: We understand that this is a sensitive issue and previous referendums did not address this subject in a comprehensive enough manner. We believe that this is something that should be put back to the people via a referendum at some point in the future.


All supported by policies (to be significantly expanded on and detailed in the coming months) around:

  • Unbiased information representing both sides

  • Referendum put to the People – say looking at strict restrictions? We don't support abortion; however, we understand that it's something that should be put to a referendum at some point down the road

Ultimately the parents’ role as the primary educators of the child’s mind should be protected, as outlined in Bunreacht Na hÉireann. The focus is on the protection of the innocence of children.

We will introduce policies that protect and financially promote the growth of the Irish family unit.

All supported by policies (to be significantly expanded on and detailed in the coming months) around:

  • Parents as sole educators

  • Education agenda in schools – Agendas pushed on Children - protect the parent’s role as the educator (e.g. sex education). This does NOT mean anti-LGBT or Trans!!! It just means:                          

    • No trans or LGBT pushing in the school - parents right to educate as they feel at home on this.

    • At 18, the children can make their own decisions as consenting adults.                   

    • LGBT community as always treated as the regular, equal citizens they are, no LGBT agenda pushed on kids etc. parents’ decision, at 18 can make own decisions etc.

Protection Of
The Family unit


Constitutional republic

We wish to promote and preserve freedom of expression and civil liberties.


All supported by policies (to be significantly expanded on and detailed in the coming months) around:

  • Free Speech (anti-Hate Speech Law)

  • Freedom of persons (no lockdowns)

We will endeavour to rebalance contradictory laws that currently see minor breaches of law with equal, or sometimes even harsher punishments than more serious crime.

Crimes committed by foreign born nationals, will result in immediate revocation of citizenship and mandatory deportation (after sentence served).

Equality before the law, regardless of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, race, and membership of the Traveller community.

All supported by policies (to be significantly expanded on and detailed in the coming months) around:

  • Rebalance Contradictory Laws

  • Crimes by foreign born nationals

  • Equality in law regardless of 9 protected statuses: gender, marital status, family status, age disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, and membership of the Traveller community.



Law Reform


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