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Derek Blighe

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Derek Blighe is a Cork man, born and bred, married with three children.

A brickie by trade, Derek’s always believed in putting Ireland first. Having previously being actively involved with other nationalist parties, Derek’s high energy, and his active, confrontational approach was not a fit with the movement he supported.

Derek saw a need for a people’s party, not a politician’s party, and so the grassroots Ireland First was born.

“Politics was never something that interested me, but I understand it's something I need to immerse myself in if I'm to make a change in this country.

We've entrusted our country in the hands of others to date, the problem the way I see it is we've depended on the wrong people; career politicians have let us down consistently.

We need to leave it to the ordinary hard-working men, women, and, parents with their children's future at stake, to fix the problems these career politicians have created.

My goal is to reform the political system so the crimes perpetrated against the people of Ireland in their own country are not allowed to happen again, and those responsible are brought to justice"

United We Will Rise.


Ireland First

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